Lithuanian-Slovenian Joint Stock Company



About Us 


LUVITERA is a start-up company founded by scientific staff of Terahertz Photonics Laboratory (Optoelectronics Department) of the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (Vilnius, Lithuania) and the Laboratory for Microelectronics (Faculty of Electrical Engineering) of the University of Ljubljana (Ljubljana, Slovenia) with Centre of Excellence "NAMASTE" and Science and Technology Park of Institute of Physics in 2013.

The company was established as a result of successful cooperation between the teams within the frame of different projects and intense scientific cooperation completed recently. Activity of the company is focused on development of innovative technologies for terahertz photonics, imaging and spectroscopy, both for scientific laboratories and industrial application.


LUVITERA develops innovative products and tools enabling terahertz imaging and spectroscopy in various fields of application.



Our team includes researchers, experts in terahertz photonics, spectroscopy, semiconductor nanostructures and other specialists who can investigate specific problems and develop terahertz based solutions tailored to customers' needs.


Our products are based on the results of innovative research and development of antenna-coupled micro-bolometers. These compact room temperature THz detectors are ready to be integrated into security and diagnostic systems, solutions for terahertz beam profiling, biomedical imaging or other rapidly developing fields.


Solving our customers' problems is our top priority. We recognize that our customers satisfaction is the only measure of our success in the long term. We focus on our customers' needs and seek to develop smart and innovative solutions that provide real benefit.