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Innovative Components & Systems in the Terahertz Range 


  • Linear array of titanium based microbolometer for sensitive room temperature terahertz imaging and spectroscopy
  • Compact solution for terahertz beam profiling at discrete frequencies
  • Antenna design and control options according customer's requirements
  • Room temperature operation
  • High fill factor
  • Custom designed vacuum version is available on request

Beam Profile Imaging in Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy Systems

Real Time THz Imaging 


THz Diffractive Optics


Compact optical components - ultra compact size (masless)

Large diameter (>50 mm)

Short focal length (<5 mm)

High numerical aperture (>0,6)

Customised frequencies (0,3-7,0 THz); more info

THz Camera Teraline 32


Linear 32 pixel THz sensor array with readout electronics

Pixel pitch 2.5 mm

Sensitivity >200 kV/W

Sensor NEP <20 pW/Hz

Requires no external optics

Wideband antenna, bandwidth 0.06 THz - 1.1 THz; more info


 THz Camera Teraline 128

Fast scanning of 320 mm wide area

Up to 200 ksps simultaneous sampling

Pixel pitch 2.5 mm

Sensitivity >200 kV/W

Sensor NEP <20 pW/Hz

Possible integration with THz lenses or filters

Log periodic antenna, wideband 0.09 THz - 1.1 THz; more info


Mini THz Sensors systems - UPDATED

4 x 1, 8 x 1 pixels array; various possible sensor configuration; sensor raster 2-2.5-5 mm

Sensitivity >200 kV/W

Pixel pitch 2.5 mm

NEP <20 pW/Hz

Antenna type - dipole, log periodic

Several possible frequencies: narrowband (0.1, 0.3, 0.6 THz), wideband (0.09 THz - 1.1 THz)

Standard USB 2.0 interface; more info


TIMS - THz in Mouse Scanner

Single pixel or THz array

Bandwith 0.06 THz - 1.1 THz

Pixel size 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm

Sensitivity up to 200 kV/W

NEP down to 10 pW/Hz

Log-periodic antenna design; AM modulation; more info